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Apprenticeship Success

Stanton Developments have successfully supported two brothers graduate from their apprenticeship pathways at Derby College. Both qualifying within a month of each other George Lawrenson (22) and Harry Lawrenson (18) obtained Level 2 Diploma’s in Carpentry and Bricklaying respectively.

In conjunction with the employer the apprenticeship scheme delivered by Derby College offers a route to a skilled occupation. George said ‘When I finished school I wanted a job which was varied and interesting, giving me chance to learn new skills whilst earning money at the same time. The industry partnership between Derby College and Stanton Developments provided me the perfect opportunity for career progression and now I’m a fully qualified joiner within the business.’

Harry added ‘For me bricklaying offered excellent prospects for rapid career progression and through the apprenticeship I was able to gain high quality on the job training. Building is in the family and provides a sense of satisfaction and pride, the creation of a lasting physical legacy, a finished product that has a long-term benefit to someone.’

The natural cycle of growth followed by recession mean that many skilled workers leave the building industry during downturns, which has a knock-on effect of reducing the talent pool. The structured training plan facilitated by Derby College is vital in warding against a job skills shortage. They help present an engaging and fulfilling proposition that appeals to school leavers. This is good news for an industry dependent on a skilled workforce and managers with a practical mentality. Andrew Turner (Director at Stanton Developments) stated ‘We recognise the on-going need for a regular supply of talent to fill the full range of jobs which the Company requires. Benefitting from strong training links with Derby College we are able to secure a future through building a stable workforce that depends upon attracting bright youngsters such as George and Harry. In our opinion nurturing young talent is the best way to build the business for the future.’

Moving forward Stanton Developments are looking to actively explore the development of creative partnerships with schools and colleges. The lack of information about careers within house building is a major stumbling block to better recruitment of enthusiastic and talented young people. The company believes in formulating a strategic plan for improving recruitment and developing the most imaginative and inspirational partnerships with schools and colleges, helping them win the battle for the most accomplished recruits.  

John Lawrenson (Director at Stanton Developments) mentored the brothers through their training, providing practical experience across a number of different roles, allowing them to learn about the business from the bottom up whilst developing their skills. John explained ‘Following school I undertook an apprenticeship with GF Tomlinson in Wood Occupations at the old Wilmorton College. It helped kick start my career and suited my preference for a hands-on approach to learning. Having experienced the apprenticeship pathway it certainly focuses your commitment to the pupil. We work hard at Stanton Developments to offer varied opportunities and sustained career progression, to dispel the negative perceptions and perceived image surrounding construction sites. Sometimes people only see craftsmen, portakabins and building sites, they don’t always understand what is going on behind the gates. The programme with Derby College is the perfect vehicle to break down these barriers and invest in the young people who will shape the building industry tomorrow.’